Wild Ride

On my 36-hour journey “home”, I decided to reflect upon all that’s happened in the last six months since I’ve been in Kenya…

I took steps to have better boundaries between work and personal life by getting my own apartment in town.  I haven’t had my own space since I moved out of my condo in 2013.  I sought more opportunities to grow personally and professionally.


My best friend lost her five-year-old daughter.  I witnessed death for the first time in my life with a front row seat.  Watching Tele leave this world was excruciating.


I was crushed by lies from people who I cared about deeply.  And therefore introduced to the first-world therapeutic technique of an “anger ball” and the third-world village technique of slashing firewood.


I joined a 49 day course to look at patterns in relationships and began to think more deeply about the types of people who I was attracting.  My perspective shifted.


I completed my first triathlon in Kenya and watched my two lives merge in the most powerful way.


I met an incredible man who sees me, hears me, supports me and gets me. . .an answer to so many prayers.


I celebrated Christmas with the BEAM family and was able to see so clearly how God is moving through our ministry and through the lives of the children He has entrusted us with.


I was reawakened to the hand of God in my life through our BEAM children’s ministry where we were privileged to provide a Christmas meal to over 400 kids.  I was reminded how important it is to have passion and purpose.


My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.


My best friend and boyfriend supported me in the best possible ways for the two weeks of waiting for more tests.  Eventually, we found out that with proper treatment, my mom will be ok.


I got to be a part of these kids lives, even if only a small part, it feels big to me.  I attended school functions, meals, devotions, and had time to just BE with them.


Courage. Pain. Heartbreak. Healing. Victory. Love. Awe. Fear. Relief. Joy.

It’s a wild ride, this life I’m living.

With love and gratitude,


*Please consider a monthly or one time donation to support the BEAM Kenya mission to advocate for the emotional, spiritual, and education needs of impoverished children in Kenya*

The C Word

They found a lump in my breast.  It may be nothing.  Or it may be cancer.

Panic.  Fear.  What if my mom has cancer?  How is this going to work?  Why am so far away?  What if she dies?  What if other people get cancer?  What if other people die?

I calmed down then spoke to my mom on the phone.  I [Read More…]

Powerless or Powerful

I love Michael* but I wrestle with guilt every time I see him at his aunt’s kibanda (hut) where he faithfully stands every day selling fruit and mahindi choma (roasted corn).

His mom left him.
No one seems to know who his dad is.
His story is not unique.

The guilt I feel is driven by a concern about his schooling.  The government school he goes to is poor quality compared to the private Christian boarding school many of his cousins [Read More…]