Unveiling Masks

A few weeks ago, I semi-confidently changed my ticket to stay in Kenya for one more month.  Soon after, I was slammed with fears, doubts, questions and exhaustion.  The hamster wheel started spinning out of control.  I wanted to run.  To America.  Where I imagined life would be easier.

I showed up anyway for the current life God has given me, and something beautiful happened . . .

I was invited to sit in a counseling session with a young boy.  His father died. His mother left him. He ended up living on the streets.  He talked, cried, and shared so openly and bravely about his pain with the counselor.

I met this young boy a few years ago when he was living on the street.   And recently, I had the privilege of helping to bring him back to school, where all 13 year olds have a right to be. His problems by appearance seemed to have disappeared.  He is well dressed.  He looks so “smart” in his new uniform.  He has food.  He has a mattress to sleep on.  He should be ok.  

And his smile, it is huge.

“But it’s a mask” the counselor reminded me, “one that is covering pain and loss and grief”.

I know that smile.  I wear that mask sometimes too.

I am sitting on Holy Ground, holy counseling, healing ground.  That is what kept running through my mind as a listened to him and I watched the counselor.  Holy, counseling, healing ground.  I want more of this.  We need more of this. 

The privilege of being on holy, healing, counseling ground a few weeks ago re-inspired me.  It reminded me why I am here and why I need to keep showing up, even if I’m scared, even if I don’t understand where all of this is leading.

Friends, I am going to need so much help.

Counseling, for some, is considered a luxury.  For others, like my LCPC (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor) sister, counseling should be considered a basic need.  Whether a luxury or basic need, it is something for which I will fight.  I will fight for the finances.  I will fight for skilled Kenyan counselors.  I will fight to heal the deeper wounds of the heart.


I thought I would have details for you by now on how to give financially but I’m reminded yet again that I don’t control the universe or God’s timing.  But please be ready, oh so soon, for specific ways you can jump on board to help bear light and unveil masks.


With love and gratitude,


Update:  Please check out www.BEAMKenya.org to learn about ways you can get involved and help support this mission!


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  1. I am so excited about your work, Colleen – thank you for everything you do! Save me a spot for once I get licensed. Sending lots of love and positive vibes

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