My American-Kenyan life

I have been in the U.S. of A. for six weeks.  It’s been so good for my soul.  I miss my American life.  I miss my family and my nephews.  I miss my friends.  I miss my therapist and access to resources (especially for my plantar fasciitis). I miss driving a car.  I miss swimming in the ocean.  I miss my comfortable bed and comfortable life and closet full of clothes.  I miss my social life and coffee dates (and bagels) and girls trips and Pilates.

I leave for Kenya tonight.

I miss the kids.  I miss the community.  I miss the open spaces and fresh air.  I miss my Kenyan family.  I miss the laughter.  I miss my friends and our talks over chai.  I miss my Swahili teacher and studying noun classes.  I miss my social worker and our office and our intense conversations about what it looks like to love people well through the BEAM ministry.  I miss visiting friends in the slums.  I miss Anthony and all God taught me through Him.  I miss being connected to the work in a personal way on the ground.  I miss the singing and the dancing and the praying.  Oh how I miss the singing and dancing and praying.

People often ask, “What does your family think?  Are they supportive of you living in Africa?”

Absolutely.  I couldn’t ask for a more supportive family.  They listen to me talk incessantly about Kenya and the kids and help spread the word about BEAM.

Yet it’s not easy . . . this living a continent away thing.  I don’t think my family would have chosen Kenya as the ideal location for me to build a life.  Because it’s far.  And being far makes being close hard.  (Shocking revelation right?)

But my mom and sister and nephews and I made the best of our short time together with the beauty of the Montana sky as our backdrop.

And I got some SoCal beach time with my Dad and brother.

I leave San Diego in just a few hours and feel so loved, encouraged and supported by friends and family from my American life.

And beyond excited to see my friends and family from my Kenyan life.

With love and gratitude,


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  1. Love you and miss you already. Hugs to all the BEAM kids when you arrive. I know they’ve missed you.

  2. susy shepard says:

    AWESOME… talk about finding your bliss; some never do!!

    I’m going to Guatemala in 10 days for my first missions trip & wondering if I’ll “get this help others far away” thing into or out of my system, now that I read your blog(?). Willing to let God have His way with me there. We have been blessed to BE A BLESSING! Love,


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