Belated Easter Blog

I realized after the fact the timing of my Jigger blog was a bit insensitive.  I hope you didn’t open the blog on your Ipad over Easter brunch and get so grossed out you lost your appetite or cancelled your Humbled Warrior subscription.  Of course, I’m operating under the assumption that there are still people out there reading this blog.

I was helping with the children’s ministry at church on Sunday and we asked the four and five year olds what Easter was all about.  Responses?

1. A bunny
2. Chocolate
3. Eggs

That about sums up my response from age 0 to 28.  But Easter has had much more meaning for me over the past few years as I have come to understand my faith more and what it means.  Today I believe Easter is about Jesus.  I’m a bit cautious with the Jesus word and Christian identity as I know there is some judgement that comes from that.  And I know because I used to be on the other side of it.  I used to be the one judging all the Christians and Jesus freaks.  Because I didn’t get it.  So it was easier to judge than to try to understand.  I got to a point where I was desperate, desperate for something, anything to make sense of the pain, sadness, and hardship in life.  And I was overwhelmed by the fact that I was so imperfect and so broken and I just couldn’t stop messing up.  I needed a faith where I truly believed I was forgiven over and over and over no matter what.

I do consider myself Christian and I do love Jesus.  It has been a looooong journey to get to this place of confidence in my faith and I by no means have “arrived”.  I still have a million questions and continue to seek knowledge and understanding of not only who Jesus was but also what role He plays in my life today.

So if you are tempted to judge, I understand.  I get you.  I was you.  It’s OK.  If you want to know more, ask. Ask me what my journey has been like.  I will never promise to have all the answers but I am always willing to share my experience, strength, and hope.

Outing myself and my faith today is just another step on the journey towards learning how I can truly feel FREE to be ME.

Always Hopeful,



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  1. elizabeth coleman says

    Yes, I am still reading yr column! Liked this one, for sure. Also, I really like the new format– it’s cool.

  2. Still keeping up love reading your blogs.

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