Bloggers Anonymous

If this group doesn’t already exist, I might have to start it.  I’m not unfamiliar with the Anonymous programs, in fact I have witnessed them save and transform many lives.  But more on that later.

I’ve becoming kind of annoying about blogging.

How so?

  1. On a walk with my friend, S, she asked me a question about how on earth I ended up in Hawaii for a week.  I referred her to my blog.  She told me never to do that again.  Whoops.
  2. When someone asked about “my story” the other day at church, I almost referred him to my blog and said just go to
  3. When I see you and you’ve never mentioned anything about it, I wonder if you are reading it and I try really hard not to ask you.
  4. I see, hear, and notice things frequently that are bloggable.  I try to keep this to myself but very often it leaks out of me and I say that really annoying phrase “This would make for a really good blog”.
  5. I’m desperately seeking blog praise in order to gain the confidence to move forward.  So when you tell me it’s great, I go on a blogging high.  When you don’t say anything I assume you hate it and I should put the Humbled Warrior to death.
  6. I’m feeling competitive about the number of people following me and am satisfied with the progress of 0 to 92 but know if I’m really going to strike it rich as a blogger, 92 probably won’t cut it.

If you have been on the receiving end of my annoyingness, I’m sorry.  I feel your pain as I annoy myself too.  We are in this together.  My part is to try to stop being so annoying and your part is to continue to love me anyway.

Always Hopeful,



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  1. Melissa Costigan says

    Maybe your REAL work is to LOVE yourself even if sometimes you do annoy yourself or others (which I’d venture to say you rarely do, but I do know you aren’t perfect 🙂 You deserve it no matter what!!! xoxo

  2. I LOVE your blog, Colly, I really do! I hope that gives you a nice blogger high!!! 😉

  3. Jack Davis says

    Colleen – It is hard to sum up all I can say without leaving a four page comment. However, your blogs are straight from the heart. When you write something in this manner it in turn touches my heart. Your real life perspectives are truly amazing to read and although 92 people may not seem like a lot to you it goes back to one of my favorite quotes. You probably have heard it but Margaret Mead said, “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

    You are on an amazing journey and I feel very blessed and fortunate to be a small part of it.


  4. I love to read you blog too. Your are passionate about your mission and I’m truly blessed to know you. Your mission will give you the opportunity to capture some of the most touching moments of hope and love.


  5. Mae Tlapek says

    Colleen- keep the blogs coming!! I love reading them because:
    1. I enjoy your writing style
    2. I admire your openess
    3. I ENVY your passion

    Not many are able to express their feelings on a piece of paper like you have. Those of us subscribed to your blog are truly interested in your words. What you express in your blog is more than I would ever learn about you in a conversation because you’re writing the blog for YOU; you are speaking to you. Your subscribers are just lucky enough to have the opportunity to peek into your thoughts. I worry about where our world is headed, but your blog gives me such hope. Please keep up the work!! I have you in my prayers.

  6. Amy Dalton says

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!! Your vulnerablitity and ability to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth is what keeps me reading! Love your blogs, LOVE YOU!

  7. Colleen,

    You are a blessing to our lives here in Kenya and to so many lives that you are and will speak on behalf of.
    Looking forward to the journey ahead!

    Don and Amy

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