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BEAM Kenya’s mission is to advocate for the emotional, spiritual, and educational needs of impoverished children in Kenya.

What does the Boost part of our mission mean?

Sometimes we recognize a need where we can provide financially to a person or family to give them a hand up.  We had a client in our office who was coming consistently for counseling.  She is a mom of seven and had many challenges at home including a 15-year-old daughter who dropped out of school due to pregnancy. This woman developed a plan to sell fruits and vegetables with a cost break down of what it would take to get started.  Our BEAM accountant, who also has experience with empowerment programs, helped set up the details for the loan.  She was given a $100 loan and is required to pay back $1 per week.  She has followed through for the first five weeks and is making great progress with her business. BEAM helped her get started again and we know this is going to impact her family in many positive ways!

Your monthly donation gives us the flexibility to step in financially where we see a need. It also helps pay the salaries of our BEAM staff such as our accountant who not only tracks all of our finances but is also playing a big role in empowering families.

(Our BEAM Social Worker and Accountant pictured outside our counseling office in the slums)

Please consider a monthly tax-deductible donation to BEAM.  You can be a part of making a difference not only in the lives of children but also in their families.

Will you join us?

Please click on the above link to sign up for a monthly tax-deductible donation or to give a special gift.

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*Please consider a monthly or one time donation to support the BEAM Kenya mission to advocate for the emotional, spiritual, and education needs of impoverished children in Kenya*


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