Car Counting Thursdays

Thursday is my favorite day of the week.  It’s the day I get to spend an afternoon with three inquisitive souls as I drive them to their counseling appointment in town.  “Town” is an hour away from our rural village and may as well be Disneyland to these three.  Plus we get to eat yogurt and queen cakes.

Last week on our way to town, the kids counted the number of red cars on the road.  This week they chose black because it is the same color as Auntie Colleen’s car.  On our way, I reminded the kids where we are going and what “ushauri” (counseling) is.  I shared with them that I also have a counselor and speak with her weekly.  They were barely listening because my adult like conversation was much less interesting than black cars on the road.  They interrupted me and screamed simultaneously, “Auntie Colleen, another one!  We have seen 44 black cars!”.

Besides the palpable joy they bring me through their smiles, I was trying to think of why I cherish my time with them so much.  I realized it is their constant (and I mean constant) questions that I love.

Where are the visitors?  In Turbo.

Do they go back to America tomorrow?  Yes.

What about Mama Brook?  Not until next week.

Which day?  Saturday.

When is Saturday?  (We go through the days of the week).

What time is it in America?  4 a.m.

Is Charlie sleeping?  Yes.

Can we listen to music?  Yes.

Zigwembe?  Of course.

Questions with easy answers.  Best.  Thing.  Ever.

And a stark contrast to the questions that fill my internal world. . .

Why do people abuse children?  What is my role in fighting for justice?  What is BEAM’s role?  How do we minimize risk of abuse or harm of children in our schools, homes, and communities?  What is the best way to care for orphans and vulnerable children?  Why do mother’s sometimes throw away the most precious gift God can give them?  Why are some people “blessed” with six kids when they neglect them all?  What does being “blessed” even mean?  Who is the best person to care for our BEAM kids?  Do we have enough financial support?  Do I need to be doing more?  What is the balance between “doing” and “trusting”?  How do I make peace with my life not being what I hoped?   How do I help these kids make peace with their life not being fair?  How do I reassure kids who have been abused that God is in all of this?  Is God in all of this?  

The wrestle.  It’s for realz.  And apparently it was for King David too.  Phew.

I can’t wait until car counting Thursday.

With love and gratitude,


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