Wild Ride

On my 36-hour journey “home”, I decided to reflect upon all that’s happened in the last six months since I’ve been in Kenya…

I took steps to have better boundaries between work and personal life by getting my own apartment in town.  I haven’t had my own space since I moved out of my condo in 2013.  I sought more opportunities to grow personally and professionally.


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Grieving and laughing

For those following us on Facebook, you are aware that the last month has been extremely difficult.  Our BEAM Kenya social worker, Olive Cherop, who also is a dear friend of mine, lost her five-year-old daughter, Tinah Tele.  She had been sick for a few months with a fever, cough, and low white blood cell count.  We fought hard to get her good medical care but
doctors were unable to determine a diagnosis.  She was admitted to the hospital again on [Read More…]

Joy Ride

For many years in Kenya, I had zero desire to drive a car.  I didn’t find the risky passing on two lane roads or a town without traffic signals, enjoyable.  I spent years begging for rides to get to the slums or to town.  I prided myself on “living like the locals” by hopping on matatus (Kenya’s minibus public transportation system) and motorbikes.  I knew the rates and utilized my Swahili to confidently talk my way out [Read More…]