Truths about my Faith

I was down.  Feeling disconnected from truths about my faith.  Forgetting.

Then I met with my favorite 5 year old.  She is cheeky and witty and loves asking questions.  I adore her.

We were looking at pictures on my phone and stumbled upon Anthony’s pictures from his stay at Kimbilio hospice.  11 year old Anthony passed away in July from Rheumatic Heart [Read More…]

Choosing to move forward

I went on vacation.  Like a real one. . .to a new country. . .a new place. . .a new wonder of the world (Table Mountain).

Ever since Kenya took over my life, traveling anywhere but to my favorite East African country has fallen off my radar.  So when I got an email from the Christian Hospitality Network saying they will pay for a hotel and meals and pampering for a few nights [Read More…]

Dreams and doubts

I had a dream the other night that my teeth were falling out.  It started with one – my bottom front tooth.  It just fell out.  I was horrified but looked in the mirror and decided it wasn’t that noticeable.  And then a few days later another tooth.  It just spontaneously ejected from my mouth.  Then a few minutes later a third one.

Panic overtook me and I was flooded with questions . . .

Do I even know a dentist in Kenya? [Read More…]