Small, scary steps…Part II

I was disturbed by the suffering I observed in the slums. I became curious, desiring deeply to know what God was up to in that place.

And thus the story of humbled warrior began.  I started writing about my time in Kenya and people seemed to be intrigued.  So I kept writing. Seven years later I [Read More…]



Boost ~Educate ~ Advocate ~ Mend

Mend:  We partner with professional Kenyan counselors to support the children in the scholarship program as well as others in the community who desire to heal from trauma or other psychological issues.  

As BEAM, we believe that healing is an ongoing journey.  We desire to support our kids in their healing journey through counseling support and prayer.  We desire deeply for our kids to know the grace and mercy of Jesus.  Alongside our counselors, we [Read More…]



Boost ~Educate ~ Advocate ~ Mend

Advocate:  BEAM utilizes social workers and other leaders in the community to advocate for the safety and protection of children who are undergoing physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.

(Our counseling office in the slums pictured above)

A few months ago, a 10-year-old boy walked into our office in [Read More…]