Joy Ride

For many years in Kenya, I had zero desire to drive a car.  I didn’t find the risky passing on two lane roads or a town without traffic signals, enjoyable.  I spent years begging for rides to get to the slums or to town.  I prided myself on “living like the locals” by hopping on matatus (Kenya’s minibus public transportation system) and motorbikes.  I knew the rates and utilized my Swahili to confidently talk my way out [Read More…]

Chill Out

I am having a harder time these days recognizing God’s gentle reminders of who He is and why I am here on earth, not for myself but for a greater purpose.  I notice these reminders through people, church, music, nature, and prayer but lately I have been blocked by the cares of the world.  Believing God is real, despite what I see, is testing me.

I had a birthday, a chance to reflect upon what is and what is not yet. [Read More…]

Car Counting Thursdays

Thursday is my favorite day of the week.  It’s the day I get to spend an afternoon with three inquisitive souls as I drive them to their counseling appointment in town.  “Town” is an hour away from our rural village and may as well be Disneyland to these three.  Plus we get to eat yogurt and queen cakes.

Last week on [Read More…]