Small, scary steps…Part I

It’s been a while but I recently got a spark of inspiration to write about my faith journey…enjoy Part I as you wait for Part II’s arrival tomorrow.

Small, scary steps leading to Fearless leaps of Faith…this is my journey.

I grew up Catholic.  I
had to go to church every Sunday.  I
couldn’t wear jeans or shorts or jean shorts and definitely could not leave after communion like all the
cool kids did.  Most of the time church
felt boring to me.  [Read More…]

Six (or nine) Word Memoir

I am taking a Creative Nonfiction Writing class.  The first assignment was to write a six-word memoir (in 10 minutes in class).  I freaked out (in my mind) yet maintained my confident Yes-I-am-a-writer-and-yes-I-am-supposed-to-be-here demeanor.

Then I thought about my humbled warrior tagline:  Small scary steps leading to fearless leaps of faith.  I considered asking the teacher to make an exception for the only non-writer in the class by allowing me to write a nine-word memoir.  Fear of ridicule won over.  I [Read More…]

What next?

Any of you out there on the edge of your seats wondering what’s next in the life of Colleen/Collins Chebaibai Costigan?

Just in case there’s one or two of you, I thought I’d fill you in…

I landed safely in San Diego four weeks ago expecting to hop quickly in a friend’s car waiting outside the airport (way more efficient) but was pleasantly surprised by this crew who not only know American Colleen but also my Collins/Chebaibai Kenyan identity.

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