You are a mom.

Wewe ni mama? (You are a mom?), my five-year-old sidekick told me.

It was a blend of a statement and a question.  I didn’t respond right away.  I wasn’t sure how.  Her relationship to her biological mom is complex.  And painful.  They haven’t met in over a year.

Wewe ni mama? (You are a mom?), she questioned.

She’s attached to me.  A lot.  Sometimes I worry [Read More…]

We mourn yet we Believe

I was on my way to Pilates, driving a car, iced coffee in hand, fully immersed in my American life when I got a message from my social worker in Kenya . . . “Anthony isn’t doing well.  I don’t know if he’ll last through the night.”

Anthony made it through the night.  I was selfishly relieved, secretly hoping I would see him upon my return to Kenya in August.  He was staying at [Read More…]

Falling on our knees

I’ve been praying for my friend’s daughter.  She ran away.  She’s young.  She’s missing and no one knows what to do.  The systems we have in the U.S. for missing persons do not exist here.

I see this friend every day.  I adore her.  She is the most humble and hard working person I know.   She’s friendly and genuine and oh so thoughtful.  She cares for people well.

She’s been sharing about her daughter with me for the last few weeks. [Read More…]