The C Word

They found a lump in my breast.  It may be nothing.  Or it may be cancer.

Panic.  Fear.  What if my mom has cancer?  How is this going to work?  Why am so far away?  What if she dies?  What if other people get cancer?  What if other people die?

I calmed down then spoke to my mom on the phone. [Read More…]

Newest Member

My blog silence is more of a reflection of writer’s block than a sign of inactivity in the BEAM Kenya world.  So much has been going on. . .beautiful things. . .heart-wrenching things. . .hopeful things. . .discouraging things.  I am at a loss these days to articulate my own life and the lives of those around me.

But. . .it would be a disservice for me not to introduce you to the latest [Read More…]

You are a mom.

Wewe ni mama? (You are a mom?), my five-year-old sidekick told me.

It was a blend of a statement and a question.  I didn’t respond right away.  I wasn’t sure how.  Her relationship to her biological mom is complex.  And painful.  They haven’t met in over a year.

Wewe ni mama? (You are a mom?), she questioned.

She’s attached to me.  A [Read More…]