Chill Out

I am having a harder time these days recognizing God’s gentle reminders of who He is and why I am here on earth, not for myself but for a greater purpose.  I notice these reminders through people, church, music, nature, and prayer but lately I have been blocked by the cares of the world.  Believing God is real, despite what I see, is testing me.

I had a birthday, a chance to reflect upon what is and what is not yet.  I wasn’t excited about it and my future-tripping self was in full effect.  Our BEAM kids help still my restless heart.  God uses them to speak to me more than anything other means.  Their resilience, courage, kindness and joy are constant teachers.

They blessed me on my “bath” day not only with buckets of water. . .

But also with sweet notes.  The note writing was a secret mission arranged by our social worker.  They ended up using a random pack of stencils I bought at the Dollar Tree last year that I had forgotten about.  I received 15 notes, all with the same stenciled phrase. . .


I couldn’t stop laughing as I read through each one, seeing Gods finger prints clearly through the dollar tree stencils.  Chill out, Colleen, it’s going to be ok.  Chill out, somehow things will work out.  Chill out, there is a God and it is not you.

I am back in the U.S. with one of my main missions being to Chill Out by reuniting with family, resting, and reconnecting with BEAM supporters.  So far so good. . .

Please send me an email if you want to connect with me while I’m in the U.S!

With love and gratitude,


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