Cousin A

I took a vacation to go home for Christmas and New Years.  I was back at work three days before I left again…for Hawaii.  I know.  It’s not fair.  One percent of me is feeling like I don’t deserve it.  I am choosing to ignore that voice.  Who listens to the one percent anyway?

Oh and did I mention this is an all expenses paid trip?

How did I swing this?

Excellent question.  And with most answers in my life, it is long.

My cousin A and I have been reconnected since I went to Kenya this summer.  If it weren’t for the pseudo-blogs I sent, we would not have reconnected.  And I was SCARED to send those.  Fearful of what others would think.  Too raw?  Too vulnerable?  Too weird?  Too boring?  I sent them anyway.  And Cousin A inviting me on this free trip to Hawaii is just one of hundreds of incredible stories which resulted from pushing past fear.

I have 32 first cousins, 35 if you count my double cousins twice (more on that later).  I vaguely remembered cousin A went on a mission trip a few years ago but didn’t know any details.  I don’t think I’m a bad cousin.  I just think it is hard to stay connected to all of your cousins especially if you have 32 (or 35).  But this summer, cousin A and I became close, really close.  We tried to catch up on the last 10 years of our lives on the phone as we realized just how much we have in common.  But sometimes the phone doesn’t cut it and you have to go to Hawaii.

Through work, she earned a free trip for two people to Maui.  I wasn’t her first choice.

First, her husband.  He declined.

Second, her sister.  She declined.

Third, me.

For the FIRST time in my life, THIRD place didn’t bother me.  Had it not been for our reconnection due to our passions for Africa, I would have been last on her list.  So here I am.  Five days to write.  To organize the hundreds of pages of writing I already have.  To do what I feel like I was meant to do.  What a gift.

Thanks Cousin A.  You are an inspiration to me.


Hope Kamili


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  1. Kaitlin Murphy says

    LOVE this!!! I did NOT know you had so many fricken cousins!! hahahaaa

    Can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for you this week ☺

    Kaitlin Murphy | Murphy Development Co|(619) 710-8000 x.15


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