Final Post in Kenya Flashback Series

This is the final post in the Kenya Flashback Series.  Hope you all have enjoyed reliving some of the memories from last summer!


August 19th, 2012

After an incredible journey these past five weeks, I have landed safely in San Diego.  Thank you for coming along for the ride.  I hope you all have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing. . .

In Kipkaren, I would play a game with the kids when we went on walks.  It goes like this:  which do you think is better?  Red or Pink?  Cow or horse?  That type of thing with all different scenarios.  They liked it.  Sometimes it was straightforward and sometimes we would have mini discussions around why you preferred one thing over the other (like a cow is better than a horse because of its milk).  In the past month I have thought about so many of the differences between my life and the Kenyans.  So for each question below, I’d like you to think about which scenario you think is better. . .

Colleen or Zipporah?
San Diego or Kipkaren?
Single or married?
0 kids or 26 kids?
Driving or walking?
Freeway or bumpy dirt road?
Spaghetti or Ugali?
Machine-wash or hand –wash?
Dog or Cow?
Dollars or schillings?
Individuality or community?
Slacks or skirts?
Electricity or lanterns?
Verizon or Safari-com?
Early or late?
Cubicle or farm?
Coffee or chai?
Blue eyes or brown eyes?
Long hair or no hair?
English or Kiswahili?
Zoo or safari?
Receiving or giving?
United States or Kenya?
White or black?

How would you answer each of these?  Through this process of experiencing and learning about the Kenyan culture, I can say without a doubt that better or worse would not be a response to any of these questions.  DIFFERENT.  That is the only way I would know how to respond.  Of these 24 scenarios neither option is better or worse.  They are just different.

It is kind of like the question my dad always used to ask us when we were little.  Which weighs more: a hundred pounds of feathers or a hundred pounds of bricks?

Are you hesitating?


They are the same.  They look different.  They serve different purposes. But 100 pounds is a 100 pounds.  As humans, we are all the same.  We may look different.  We may act different.  We may serve different purposes.  But a human is a human is a human.  Or God’s creation is God’s creation is God’s creation.

One last question. . .

God or no God?

For me, this is the only question with a clear-cut answer.

Always Hopeful,



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  1. Amy dalton says

    God 🙂

  2. Mary Jayko Newton says

    Bless your heart and soul-searching.

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