Happy Thanksgiving from Kenya!

Don’t fear friends, Meltdown Mary is OK!  I think she may have scared a few of you.  My intention behind the use of the word meltdown was to encompass the mix of frustration, anger, sorrow, and hopelessness I sometimes feel.  I believe the meltdowns are normal and often arise when I am deeply moved by a personal passion.  Being vulnerable about my questions concerning enabling versus empowering, especially in such a public forum, allow me to learn and grow.  And growing pains are inevitable.

The perfect medicine to snap Meltdown Mary into the land of the happy, joyous, and free?

This crew . . .

Guess who with kids

It’s amazing how entertaining a game of “Guess who?” can be for kids.  When I am around Gideon, Kipchumba, Nathaniel, Esther, Vicki, and Jaden, it is impossible not to smile . . .

Guess who - Jaden

A few other updates from this week . . .

Thank you for the prayers around the jigger outreach in Turbo on Tuesday.  We started the campaign on Tuesday and had so many people we decided to do it again today.

Tuesday jigger clinic kids in Turbo

My heart aches for those who are suffering from this horrendous condition.  We are doing the best to help these people heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Without a doubt, it is going to take time.

Colleen and Dorcas jigger clinic

Lastly, I have been continuing the walk-a-thon with the kids at the Children’s Home in Kipkaren to raise money and awareness for Empowering Lives.  Here’s the link if you are interested in donating . . .  http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/ColleenCostigan/10000-steps

Walk with Classes 5 and 6

My intent was to reach out to those who hadn’t given to my cause yet but wanted to help.  I have been surprised and delighted that many people who already donated gave again!  I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you.  Whether it was six months ago or yesterday, many of you have supported the work I am doing in Kenya.  I may not have a stomach full of turkey this Thanksgiving but without a doubt I have a heart full of gratitude.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving from Kenya!

Always Hopeful,



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  1. So good to get greeting from you Colleen as we are missing you here on Thanksgiving Day. Nice to see you are in such good company and they are reminding you of all the reasons to smile. And such a beautiful smile you have that is a gift to all around you. Love you, Mom

  2. Kenisha Makau says

    Your posts sometimes make me want to jump on a plane to Africa tomorrow. I love “Guess who?”. You feel so accomplished when you can pick out someone by their voice, hand size, height… whatever you can use to solve the sometimes obvious mystery. =D

  3. You are so good with kids!!!

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