Golden Handcuffs

I have this job. A really good job. A job that people are fascinated by, jealous of, and want for themselves. But I don’t. And that’s a problem because I don’t have another job. The pay is excellent. The benefits are top notch. I own a condo. I have a free iPhone. My car and gas are paid for. It is a dream come true in this down economy.

Welcome to my life in golden handcuffs.

Another stark contrast which seems to be a never-ending theme for me.  So what is a girl to do? Continue to admire the gold or break free from the stifling chains? I get advice about this conundrum a lot and most recently I was even ridiculed for being so ungrateful about my well paying job.

Stare at the GOLD.





But for me it feels like imprisonment.  I can’t even appreciate the gold in fact I can’t even see it.  So lose the handcuffs, right? But then I lose the gold. So maybe I’m free but I’m also broke, uninsured, and may have family members wanting to institutionalize me. So I’ll sit. Just a little longer. I’ll be patient. I’ll pray. God will provide an opportunity for me to break free of the chains and keep the gold. I know it.

Are you chained by something that “looks” like gold?


Hope Kamili


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