Impatiently Waiting

So here I am in Hawaii and such is the imperfectness of life that a really frustrating, unanswered question popped up within the first few hours upon my arrival at the hotel.

Where is my luggage?

It made it off the plane. It made it to the shuttle. It did not make it to my room.  And since my mind came with me to this tropical island but my bag did not, I decided to ruminate over the possible answers to this question.

1. It will arrive.

2. It will not arrive.

I try to convince myself that I don’t really need my luggage.  I tell myself I’m eventually moving to Kenya and need to get rid of stuff anyway.  I run through all the items in the suitcase and determine it will be possible for me to live without them but that I really don’t want to have to live without them.  I berate myself for the exorbitant amount of faith I put in the bellman.  I’m annoyed because I am perfectly capable of rolling my own luggage.  But I was in paradise, on a tropical island high, so I decided to trust the bellman.  What’s a girl to do?  No choice but to get on my knees, say a little prayer and ask God, please, pretty please, can the answer to this question be “It will arrive”?  I ask him to give me patience while I wait.  And then like the true believer I am, I wait…


I read but feel too distracted. I sign up for twitter.  I do some breathing exercises. Then some yoga moves.  I take a walk. I go for a swim. It is an incredible day. But it’s not perfect. It won’t be perfect until my bag arrives.  OR the next unanswered question is dropped into my overthinking brain.

Do you wait patiently for unanswered questions?  If so, I’m desperate for tips.

Someone found my luggage in the room next door.  Apparently it was the bellman’s first day on the job.


Hope Kamili


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  1. What do you really need other than to be PRESENT in the beauty of Maui. Nice to have clothes too I guess although you had your bathing suit!!! Life is as complicated or as simple as we make it. have fun.

  2. I can so relate. One of my first trips to Kenya was for two months. One of my pieces of luggage made it with me…all my ministry supplies. The other one with my clothing and personal items didn’t…it went to the Middle East instead! Now, understand, I didn’t even take a route near the Middle East to get to Kenya but that’s a whole other topic.

    How did I survive? I made do with loaned clothing from other visitors or just wore the same thing multiple days, ignoring the color or pattern and just wearing ‘clothes’ rather than considering how I looked. No one commented and the days passed. One month into my two month trip my luggage was located and brought to me. When I opened it up it was like Christmas…and I didn’t feel like I needed any of it. My new friends in Africa needed those things so much more than I did so I was able to bless many of them.

    I know I wouldn’t have chosen to live my trip that way but God knew it would work out fine. I’m glad He had the faith in me to handle it in that instance.

    Glad Hope that you are thinking through these things and falling on your knees before Him as you consider how to meet life’s challenges. It is a new journey every day, isn’t it?

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