Light Bearers

It started with one precious, young 15 year girl in December of 2013 who begged me to take her back to school.  It had been a few years since she was in school and at the time I thought it was all due to a lack of school fees.  I later learned it had to do with so much more.  I wasn’t a part of a formal school sponsorship program and I didn’t know how to get her back in school.  But I knew I had to try.

I found a sponsor and the details came together.  She went to boarding school close to where I lived for one year and she did well.  She is smart.  Her smile will light up any room.

She left school after one year.  The way her life is currently unfolding becomes increasingly more painful every day.  She is stuck in a dark world.  My heart aches for her to get out.  But I do not control the universe.  Or people.  So for now she is stuck.  Again.

God used her to do something powerful though.  He used her to open doors for others.

I wrote a blog about her going back to school over 2.5 years ago which prompted an old elementary school friend to reach out to me and say “Colleen, aren’t there more girls who need to get out of that slum?  Can I help sponsor another one?”  I still didn’t have a formal sponsorship program but I knew the answer to her questions.  YES AND YES.  And so when she offered to sponsor another young girl, I helped make a way.

My friend began to sponsor Rebecca.


I asked another friend to sponsor Rebecca’s brother, Shadrack.


One year later, on a plane ride back to Kenya I randomly ended up seated next to an old coworker.  After sharing with her about Kenya she said, “Colleen are there more kids who need sponsors?  I want to help.”

Yes.  Yes, please.  There are so many more kids.

My coworker (and friend) began to sponsor Kemboi.

Kemboi BoF

Rebecca, Shadrack, and Kemboi will complete 8th grade at Brook of Faith Academy in November.  I was privileged enough to attend their prayer day which is a day friends, family, and the community gathers to encourage the students before their national exam.  This one exam determines their fate for high school.


It is a celebration full of deep joy and great love . . . (click here to see the video)

In my last blog, I talked about the God I believe in.   And I talked about the poverty I can no longer turn away from.  And I talked about how I believe that God uses His people to bring light into the darkness.

So I’m working on a plan.  A more formal and robust sponsorship plan.  There are so many ways you can help be light bearers if you so desire.  Please check out to learn more!

With love and gratitude,



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  1. Tell me more about sponsoring, how does it work for one child?

    • I don’t have the details in place yet for the sponsorship but I hope to have them in the next month to month and a half. I’ll keep you posted! Thanks for reaching out!

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