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Mend:  We partner with professional Kenyan counselors to support the children in the scholarship program as well as others in the community who desire to heal from trauma or other psychological issues.  

As BEAM, we believe that healing is an ongoing journey.  We desire to support our kids in their healing journey through counseling support and prayer.  We desire deeply for our kids to know the grace and mercy of Jesus.  Alongside our counselors, we also have a spiritual director and pastor who help guide our children and staff on their spiritual journey. 

On Mother’s day, I went to church to attend a service led by the children at Brook of Faith.  One of our own BEAM kids was the designated preacher. At 12 years old, she stood at the pulpit, microphone in hand and preached confidently on Psalms 30:1.  “I will praise you, O Lord, for you lifted me up and did not allow my enemies to gloat over me.”

This young girl has been through many difficulties with her background of growing up in the slums. . .alcoholism, food insecurity, neglect, and lack of school fees.  As she stood boldly in front of the church sharing about God’s grace, the healing in her life was evident. 

As the spiritual and emotional vision of BEAM is growing, our financial needs are also increasing. Not only do we provide counseling for our BEAM students, but we also have a counseling office in the slums that is open to the community.  We also provide trainings on child safety and protection and other topics related to self-esteem, empowerment, and addiction.  

You can be a part of change.  A part of healing. A part of bringing a brighter future for children, their families, and their communities in Kenya for generations to come.

Your monthly or one-time donation helps us provide for the spiritual and emotional needs of our BEAM students and the community in the slums. 

Will you join us?

Please click on the above link to sign up for a monthly or one-time tax-deductible donation!

With love and gratitude,

Colleen and the BEAM Team

*Please consider a monthly or one time donation to support the BEAM Kenya mission to advocate for the emotional, spiritual, and education needs of impoverished children in Kenya*


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  1. Elphas Bengo says

    This is a nice initiative. Keep on the good work of touching people’s lives and making change in our community. I am glad to learn about your different programs, we continue to have your program in prayers and support.

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