Where is your money going?

Do you remember how scared I was to ask for support for this crazy move of quitting my job and moving to Kenya? Remember how blown away I was by all the people who donated? Has anyone been wondering where that money is going?

Your donations help me live in Kenya as a volunteer.  Your donations allow me to be in Kipkaren and experience the joy of the Children’s Home.

Olivia Pic CH game day

Your donations allow me to walk through the slums of Turbo 2-3 days a week and learn about poverty, suffering, prayer, and action.

Fanice during jigger outreach(photo by Sarah Ackerley)

Your donations help me to help others.  And because you were so generous, there are extra funds for outreaches in the Turbo slums.

But guess what I am learning?  There is something even more challenging than fundraising . . .

Determining the most effective way to empower people in poverty.

I could list many examples that don’t work.  I could share stories that led to enabling instead of empowering.  I could tell you about people who take advantage of well-intended resources.

True empowerment isn’t easy but I still believe it is possible.

One avenue ELI utilizes to empower people in poverty is a four week course called BST (Business Startup Training).  The primary objective of this program is to “empower emerging entrepreneurs to successfully launch, manage, and grow businesses that will sustain their families and impact communities”.  The first training was done in Kenya in 2007 and since then they run 74 courses and trained over 1500 people.  They keep data on the participants for a one year period and have found about 83% are still running a successful business after one year.

Over the last month, the ELI team has been searching for motivated individuals in Turbo who truly want transformation.

Gladys and Wanjiko Kampi Mawe

This Friday the BST trainers will conduct interviews and select the top twenty candidates.  Please be praying for the success of this program.  We believe God can use these individuals as change agents to spread light, love, and hope to the community of Turbo.

Hope bracelet Sarah Ackerley photo(photo by Sarah Ackerley)

Thank you again to all who have supported me financially . . . without you none of this would be possible!

Always Hopeful,



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  1. Kathy "Frost" Banks says

    Always fun and inspirational to read your posts, Colleen. I think of you everyday- hope you’re well, and I know you are making a difference. Love, Frost

  2. Beautiful pictures. Love the hands with the bracelets. Learning all the time Colleen. Remember God and prayer will help you discern

  3. So looking forward to seeing the fruit that comes from the BS Training. Blessings on the journey and thank again for your heart to help change the world – one life at a time. Don


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