Counseling Center Mondays

Babies crying.
Kids playing (I mean screaming), as they run back and forth right in front of the center.
A drunk pregnant lady stumbles in uninvited, demanding counseling services (which we politely decline for those who are not sober).
The loud bass from our neighbor’s music blasts in the background.
The clanking of dishes from our other neighbor makes piercing noises as water makes its way into the room where our counselor is meeting with clients.

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Our brave business man, Elijah

There I was. . . .once again. . . in church.  Physically present.  But wrestling.  With my monkey mind.  Wondering if my life had purpose.  Disappointments and defeats flooding my sensitive soul.

And then I looked up and saw Elijah, one of our BEAM Kenya scholarship students, standing in front of the church. . .

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Inspiration from our friend, Chebet

I want to introduce you to a very special person.  Her name is Chebet, the sister to bestie yangu (my BFF).

She’s smart, a teacher in fact.  She’s a fashionista, rockin’ a plaid blazer like Kenya’s next top model.  She’s a baker, made four cakes for our BEAM Christmas celebration.

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