Boost ~Educate ~ Advocate ~ Mend

Advocate:  BEAM utilizes social workers and other leaders in the community to advocate for the safety and protection of children who are undergoing physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.

(Our counseling office in the slums pictured above)

A few months ago, a 10-year-old boy walked into our office in [Read More…]



~Boost ~Educate ~ Advocate ~ Mend

Educate: BEAM provides a robust and comprehensive scholarship program to children living in the slums of Kenya.  Through quality education children are offered the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty in their families.

Currently, BEAM has thirty children who have scholarships to attend school.  Most of those children attend [Read More…]



Boost ~ Educate ~ Advocate ~ Mend

BEAM Kenya’s mission is to advocate for the emotional, spiritual, and educational needs of impoverished children in Kenya.

What does the Boost part of our mission mean?

Sometimes we recognize a need where we can provide financially to a person or family to give them a hand up.  We had a client in our office who was coming consistently for counseling.  She is a mom of seven and had [Read More…]