Our brave business man, Elijah

There I was. . . .once again. . . in church.  Physically present.  But wrestling.  With my monkey mind.  Wondering if my life had purpose.  Disappointments and defeats flooding my sensitive soul.

And then I looked up and saw Elijah, one of our BEAM Kenya scholarship students, standing in front of the church. . .

He nervously tucked in his [Read More…]

Inspiration from our friend, Chebet

I want to introduce you to a very special person.  Her name is Chebet, the sister to bestie yangu (my BFF).

She’s smart, a teacher in fact.  She’s a fashionista, rockin’ a plaid blazer like Kenya’s next top model.  She’s a baker, made four cakes for our BEAM Christmas celebration.

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You are a mom.

Wewe ni mama? (You are a mom?), my five-year-old sidekick told me.

It was a blend of a statement and a question.  I didn’t respond right away.  I wasn’t sure how.  Her relationship to her biological mom is complex.  And painful.  They haven’t met in over a year.

Wewe ni mama? (You are a mom?), she questioned.

She’s attached to me.  A lot.  [Read More…]