Will you join us?

This July will mark seven years since I first set foot on Kenyan soil. I had no idea what I was stepping in to. Two things happened during that first month I was in Kenya. . .

1. I absolutely loved Kenyan community…their welcoming spirit, sincerity, generosity, and love for people drew me in right away.

2. I was [Read More…]

Update on my Mom aka Gogo

Gogo* doesn’t need chemotherapy!  She will have a few weeks of radiation along with hormone replacement therapy and that should be enough to put her on the road to being cancer free. Thank you God.  Thank you to all of our friends and family who prayed for her.  We are overwhelmed with gratitude.

Gogo asked not to be the star in any more of my blogs but because she makes such a good star, [Read More…]


I may be the world’s worst wait-er.  Not the waiting tables type.  The I don’t know what is going to happen so I just have to wait and see type.  Wait.

At my mom’s surgery last week, I was the designated wait-er.  And I did a pretty good job. . .scrolled on FB. . .caught up on a few work emails. . . talked to friends in the US and Kenya.  Time flew by.

Besides being a wait-er, my [Read More…]