I may be the world’s worst wait-er.  Not the waiting tables type.  The I don’t know what is going to happen so I just have to wait and see type.  Wait.

At my mom’s surgery last week, I was the designated wait-er.  And I did a pretty good job. . .scrolled on FB. . .caught up on a few work emails. . . talked to friends in the US and Kenya.  Time flew by.

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Wild Ride

On my 36-hour journey “home”, I decided to reflect upon all that’s happened in the last six months since I’ve been in Kenya…

I took steps to have better boundaries between work and personal life by getting my own apartment in town.  I haven’t had my own space since I moved out of my condo in 2013.  I sought more opportunities to grow personally and professionally.


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The C Word

They found a lump in my breast.  It may be nothing.  Or it may be cancer.

Panic.  Fear.  What if my mom has cancer?  How is this going to work?  Why am so far away?  What if she dies?  What if other people get cancer?  What if other people die?

I calmed down then spoke to my mom on the phone.  I [Read More…]