From a Story to a Face with a Name

I remember the day back in February when my social worker, Olive, told me about an 11-year-old boy she met in the slums whose body was completely “swollen”.  She told me a story I’ve heard many times – the boy wasn’t in school, his mom was an alcoholic, he had been neglected, and there was no money to take him to the hospital.  I listened to the story and felt sad for a quick second.  But I didn’t really know [Read More…]

Community of Sharers

I never enjoyed sharing.  Ever.  Not food.  Not clothes.  Not a bathroom.  Nothing.  I liked to have my own stuff and have control over it.   Just ask my dear, sweet older sister.   Sharing my baby brother?  Not a chance.

One of the greatest life lessons, which I should have learned in Kindergarten, I learned in Kenya . . .

How to [Read More…]

Fun Times . . .

Hi Friends –

I’m shocked to realize it has been a month since I wrote a blog.  Nothing earth shattering going on here besides a few days being knocked out by malaria and a strange spider bite.  Contrary to what I used to think (and many of you might be thinking), as long as you have access to medication and the malaria is caught within a reasonable amount of time, you can get better within a week or so just like a bad flu. [Read More…]