I recently got unsolicited advice from a VIP in my life (Very Influential Person).  Sometimes VIP’s influence can be positive, sometimes negative, regardless influential.  My main problem with this advice was that it was unprompted.  I did not ask, “What do you think about writing as a career?”  In fact, I didn’t even mention the fact that I was hopeful I could do something with my writing.  It was just a quick bomb dropped on my insecure soul at the [Read More…]

Overcoming Perfectionism

I have written my “first” blog about five times now.  I want it to be perfect.  Captivating.  Engaging.  I want it to suck you in so you come back for more day after day.  I want you to like everything I say.  I want to make you laugh.  I want to make you cry.  I want to encourage you.  I want to inspire you.  I want to have a million followers instantly based on the perfection of my first blog [Read More…]

Shadrack at Children’s Home