Bloggers Anonymous

If this group doesn’t already exist, I might have to start it.  I’m not unfamiliar with the Anonymous programs, in fact I have witnessed them save and transform many lives.  But more on that later.

I’ve becoming kind of annoying about blogging.

How so?

    On a walk with my friend, S, she asked me a question about how on earth I ended up in Hawaii for a week.  I referred her to my blog.  She told me [Read More…]

Belated Easter Blog

I realized after the fact the timing of my Jigger blog was a bit insensitive.  I hope you didn’t open the blog on your Ipad over Easter brunch and get so grossed out you lost your appetite or cancelled your Humbled Warrior subscription.  Of course, I’m operating under the assumption that there are still people out there reading this blog.

I was helping with the children’s ministry at church on Sunday and we asked [Read More…]

What’s with Humbled Warrior?

My dear sister has put so much time into getting this blog thing started.  We had lunch last Fall and threw around ideas for my blog’s name.  Since I love Swahili, she asked me how “Peaceful Warrior” translates.

My first thought?  Perfect!  That’s it!  “Peaceful Warrior”.  Peaceful in English.  Warrior in Swahili.

Well, I consulted my Swahili app and put in “Warrior”.  It spoke back to me in Swahili “Warrior”.  I checked the settings to be sure the input [Read More…]