I’ve Been Lying to You

Whenever I tell people about what I’m doing, ya know, quitting my job, picking up, leaving everything to go live in Kenya for a year, I often get the response “Well now is the time – you don’t have any kids, you’re single, you may never get this chance again”.  I always agree because I’m a yes man and don’t know how to be any other way.  And to a certain extent it is true, [Read More…]

Attacked by the Subway Lady


I volunteer at Bridge of Hope every other Saturday for community building activities and craft day at their location in City Heights.  I often take some of the kids to Subway after Bridge of Hope.  A few months ago, we were peacefully enjoying our meal, laughing, smiling, and joking around . . .


From [Read More…]

Bridge of Hope

Thirty blogs later, I am finally getting to Bridge of Hope.  The delayed blog on Bridge of Hope is not at all related to its impact on my life.  Because its impact has been monumental.

What is Bridge of Hope?

A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping distressed families through transitions by providing furniture, clothing, food, and community building activities.  Refugees from all over the world as well as families facing various crises in San [Read More…]