Bowl Cut

Bowl CutSomeone commented yesterday about how long and beautiful and blonde my hair is.  It was nice.  It is a compliment I frequently receive which is flattering and fascinating to me at the same time.

I HATED my hair growing up.  I mean HATED.  It was frizzy, unmanageable and just plain ugly.  It has now become one of my greatest assets resulting in many compliments.  I say this with [Read More…]

Blowdryer, Makeup, Wardrobe, Mirror

This is a follow up from my previous blog. . .”To go or not to go”.  I wrote this half way through my five week stint in Kenya where I got to spend my days with 100 orphans who taught me more than I would have ever imagined.

August 8th, 2012





What do all of these things have in common?

I don’t have any of them in Kenya.  OK.  Slight exaggeration.  There is a tiny mirror in our bathroom.  I [Read More…]

To blog or not to blog?

Here are the questions that prevented this blog from being debuted earlier:

    How do I even start a blog?
    What is my purpose for blogging?
    I relate to people who don’t believe in God as much as people who do, so how often can I mention my faith without scaring people away?
    Will I offend you? (This question leads to points a, b, and c)
    Who are “You” anyway?
    Is anyone really going to want to read this?
    Should I be anonymous?

Here are the [Read More…]