From Manicures to Murals

OK Fine.  Maybe not murals.  But I got to tag along with my new friend Sarah to a village called Simit for a painting adventure.  She painted murals.  I painted the alphabet, numbers, and anything that required little to no skill.

Chebaibai painting

When I see people like Sarah and how God has given her such a [Read More…]

Kenya Flashback Series 3 of 6

Flashback #3 from last summer’s adventures!

July 25th, 2012

My purse was stolen.

In Kenya?


But I bet that was your first thought.  It would have been mine.

Carmel Valley – – – a well-to-do neighborhood three miles from my
 house in San Diego.  One week before leaving for Kenya someone 
shattered my car window and snatched my purse while I was hiking at Torrey Pines.  I felt violated, 
frustrated, and overwhelmed [Read More…]

Jiggers: Back by Popular Demand

For the observant ones, you may have noticed I switched to Jiggers.  I’m still a bit confused by the whole Chigger/Jigger thing but a friend recently told me in Kenya they are referred to as Jiggers.  When I searched pub med for a definition, I found this. . . “Chiggers are tiny, six-legged wingless organisms (larvae) that grow up to become a type of mite.  Chiggers are found in tall grass and weeds. [Read More…]