Evaluating our Fears

I love seeing how people react to me when I tell them I’m moving to Kenya for a year.  The responses vary dramatically and I’d say 90% of them are positive and encouraging.  I could go on and on about those responses as they have led to some pretty incredible conversations.

But the fears. . .they are interesting. . .here are some. . .

1. Are you worried about safety?  I don’t think it is safe for you to [Read More…]

Even Steven

Last June, I sent an email to a few people before leaving for Kenya to ask for donations for Empowering Lives International and various programs they were involved with.  This made me anxious.  What will people think???  Asking for money seems pushy, selfish, uncomfortable.

As usual, in times of fear and doubt, I called my mom.  I asked her about who I should send the email out to and expressed my concern that certain people might be annoyed, [Read More…]



It’s been a few weeks. I’m hoping you have missed me. Lack of material is not the hindrance, as the words still seem to be pouring out of me. I’ve halted the posts because someone is developing my website and she recommended I wait until it is finished. I can’t wait though. I’m itching to write.

Today I’m wrestling with some really tough questions.

I have had a company car for the past four and a half years. It [Read More…]