Thank you. Period.

A few months ago, I began taking on a new role in life.  Receiver.   Receiver of goods, services, support, etc. …for free.  Or if not for free, with a major “you are going to Africa to help others so I want to help you” discount.

Some examples . . . a car, a fundraising party, branding and website development, business cards, a hairdryer, a phone, Subway gift card, and on and [Read More…]

Time to ask for Help. . .Ugh

Remember that to-do list?

Did you notice fundraising was on it?

Fundraising is as appealing to me as Jiggers.  And if you notice my face in this picture, you can probably guess my level of excitement.


Not sure which is less appealing to me. . .jiggers or fundraising.

I keep thinking of the game “Would you rather?”   You know, where you give ridiculous scenarios neither of which [Read More…]

Evaluating our Fears

I love seeing how people react to me when I tell them I’m moving to Kenya for a year.  The responses vary dramatically and I’d say 90% of them are positive and encouraging.  I could go on and on about those responses as they have led to some pretty incredible conversations.

But the fears. . .they are interesting. . .here are some. . .

1. Are you worried about safety?  I don’t think it is safe for you to [Read More…]