Thank you. Period.

A few months ago, I began taking on a new role in life.  Receiver.   Receiver of goods, services, support, etc. …for free.  Or if not for free, with a major “you are going to Africa to help others so I want to help you” discount.

Some examples . . . a car, a fundraising party, branding and website development, business cards, a hairdryer, a phone, Subway gift card, and on and [Read More…]

What are YOUR themes?


I gave work my notice.
One week later, I was promoted.
I know.  It’s confusing.  Long story there that I may have to save for my Tell-All Book.


Timing of when I quit work?
March-May, I’ll work full time.  June I’ll work part time.  July and August will be all about pursuing my dreams of writing, reading, learning, networking, and spending as much time as possible with friends and family.  September, I will leave for Kenya.  Seems that my weekend of [Read More…]