Golden Handcuffs

I have this job. A really good job. A job that people are fascinated by, jealous of, and want for themselves. But I don’t. And that’s a problem because I don’t have another job. The pay is excellent. The benefits are top notch. I own a condo. I have a free iPhone. My car and gas are paid for. It is a dream come true in this down economy.

Welcome to my life in golden handcuffs.

Another stark contrast [Read More…]

Bowl Cut

Bowl CutSomeone commented yesterday about how long and beautiful and blonde my hair is.  It was nice.  It is a compliment I frequently receive which is flattering and fascinating to me at the same time.

I HATED my hair growing up.  I mean HATED.  It was frizzy, unmanageable and just plain ugly.  It has now become one of my greatest assets resulting in many compliments.  I say this with [Read More…]

Impatiently Waiting

So here I am in Hawaii and such is the imperfectness of life that a really frustrating, unanswered question popped up within the first few hours upon my arrival at the hotel.

Where is my luggage?

It made it off the plane. It made it to the shuttle. It did not make it to my room.  And since my mind came with me to this tropical island but my bag did not, I decided to ruminate over [Read More…]