From Darkness to Light

I am happy to report the Business Startup Training is off and running in Turbo!  On the day of the interviews I was a bit nervous.  I envisioned two scenarios:  mass chaos or zero people.

Welcome to my life in the black and white.

As any person who lives in the grey might have guessed, it was somewhere in between.

We had about thirty people show up in the first few days of interviewing.  Some were looking for [Read More…]

FREE to be ME

What’s with Hope Kamili anyway?  It’s a pen name my sister helped me come up with. Kamili translates as Full in Swahili.  HopeFull.  A little bit of English a little bit of Swahili. . .a lot of HOPE.

I’ve been hiding behind this pen name for two reasons:

    I wanted to honor the fact that I had not yet discussed my plans with work.
    I wanted to test the blog waters to see how comfortable I felt being open, honest, and [Read More…]

The Art of Being Present

I had a few goals for my time in Hawaii because even in paradise goals are good.  Reading, writing, and bonding with cousin A.  My goal to read turned specific when I discovered Cousin A had Kisses from Katie and she would let me read it while in Hawaii. Many people have suggested this book to me because of my recent adventures in Africa.

Meeting new people?  Not necessarily high on my priority list.

Enter J&Q (Q is a [Read More…]