What do your feet look like?

Since I was running my mouth about pedicures and beauty school in the last blog, I thought it was time to put my skills to the test.  How so?  I spent a few days rubbing Vaseline on jigger-infested feet.  Jiggers are a painful and debilitating public health issue for many people in Kenya at times affecting their ability to walk.  Remember Friday Night Jiggers?  The blog I wrote about researching jiggers while in [Read More…]

Friday Night Jiggers

Last night I spent two hours online researching jiggers.

I know.

You feel sorry for me.

You should.


A. Because that is a pretty lame Friday night.

B. Because jiggers are gross.

What has become of me and where did Colleen go?  The one who did cooler things on Friday night than research jiggers?

I ponder this question quite frequently.

I don’t know the answer.

I do know that I want to help people who are suffering and seeing pictures online brought back a heartbreaking [Read More…]

Belated Easter Blog

I realized after the fact the timing of my Jigger blog was a bit insensitive.  I hope you didn’t open the blog on your Ipad over Easter brunch and get so grossed out you lost your appetite or cancelled your Humbled Warrior subscription.  Of course, I’m operating under the assumption that there are still people out there reading this blog.

I was helping with the children’s ministry at church on Sunday and we asked [Read More…]