Big hellos and heartfelt goodbyes

Knowing how hard it was to say goodbye after just one month with these children in 2012, I had been dreading my final days.

_0020_Goodbye with Purity by ELI sign_R

And as I sat on the plane yesterday with an aching heart, I wondered how long it would be before I get to see these beautiful faces again . . .

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Love that Crosses Continents

I’ve been wrestling about what direction to go with my next blog.  My inefficient, ineffective, and confusing trip to Nairobi regarding my visa?  My frustration with the fact that every time I go to take a shower I don’t have water?  My overwhelming excitement that I have four good friends coming to visit me in Kenya in one week?  The baby steps being taken in Turbo?

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Uncovering Problems without Solutions

The last week has been really good.  And by really good I mean I have uncovered many problems in Turbo and have zero solutions.  Some might argue this is a really bad place to be.   I am choosing to trust this is exactly where I am supposed to be.

I spent three days last week walking through the slums in Turbo (specifically Kampi Mawe) listening to the challenges of the community and making some new friends.  Let me [Read More…]