Big hellos and heartfelt goodbyes

Knowing how hard it was to say goodbye after just one month with these children in 2012, I had been dreading my final days.

_0020_Goodbye with Purity by ELI sign_R

And as I sat on the plane yesterday with an aching heart, I wondered how long it would be before I get to see these beautiful faces again . . .

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Uncovering Problems without Solutions

The last week has been really good.  And by really good I mean I have uncovered many problems in Turbo and have zero solutions.  Some might argue this is a really bad place to be.   I am choosing to trust this is exactly where I am supposed to be.

I spent three days last week walking through the slums in Turbo (specifically Kampi Mawe) listening to the challenges of the community and making some new friends.  Let me [Read More…]

July 9th, 1981

32 years ago today, I popped out of the womb in St. Louis, MO and landed on Parkland Ave, a middle to upper-middle class neighborhood where food, clothing, shelter, and education were viewed as a right not a privilege.

And even though my basic needs were being met, I wanted more.  I constantly compared myself to others yearning to be skinnier, prettier, smarter, richer, and of course, for my parents to be cooler.

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