Kenya Flashback Series 4 of 6

More insight into my journey from last summer . . .

August 3rd, 2012


What do all of these things have in common?

I don’t have any of them in Kenya.  OK.  Slight exaggeration.  There is a tiny mirror in our bathroom.  I don’t think it counts though as the lighting is poor and the mirror is often foggy.  My clothing options are limited to a suitcase.  My outfits are pathetic compared to my American standards. [Read More…]

Impatiently Waiting

So here I am in Hawaii and such is the imperfectness of life that a really frustrating, unanswered question popped up within the first few hours upon my arrival at the hotel.

Where is my luggage?

It made it off the plane. It made it to the shuttle. It did not make it to my room.  And since my mind came with me to this tropical island but my bag did not, I decided to ruminate over [Read More…]