From Darkness to Light

I am happy to report the Business Startup Training is off and running in Turbo!  On the day of the interviews I was a bit nervous.  I envisioned two scenarios:  mass chaos or zero people.

Welcome to my life in the black and white.

As any person who lives in the grey might have guessed, it was somewhere in between.

We had about thirty people show up in the first few days of interviewing.  Some were looking for [Read More…]

Where is your money going?

Do you remember how scared I was to ask for support for this crazy move of quitting my job and moving to Kenya? Remember how blown away I was by all the people who donated? Has anyone been wondering where that money is going?

Your donations help me live in Kenya as a volunteer.  Your donations allow me to be in Kipkaren and experience the joy of the Children’s Home.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Kenya!

Don’t fear friends, Meltdown Mary is OK!  I think she may have scared a few of you.  My intention behind the use of the word meltdown was to encompass the mix of frustration, anger, sorrow, and hopelessness I sometimes feel.  I believe the meltdowns are normal and often arise when I am deeply moved by a personal passion.  Being vulnerable about my questions concerning enabling versus empowering, especially in such a public forum, allow me to learn [Read More…]