Pausing the Flashback and Going Real Time

I’ve missed writing to you guys.  Some of you guys I know.  Some I don’t.  When I decided to out myself on Facebook and Twitter, I had to let go of being able to know who “You” are.  It is good practice for me . . . to be ME, regardless of YOU.

The flashback series has been an opportunity to take a break and attend Blogger’s Anonymous meetings.  I love writing though.  And [Read More…]

What’s with Humbled Warrior?

My dear sister has put so much time into getting this blog thing started.  We had lunch last Fall and threw around ideas for my blog’s name.  Since I love Swahili, she asked me how “Peaceful Warrior” translates.

My first thought?  Perfect!  That’s it!  “Peaceful Warrior”.  Peaceful in English.  Warrior in Swahili.

Well, I consulted my Swahili app and put in “Warrior”.  It spoke back to me in Swahili “Warrior”.  I checked the settings to be sure the input [Read More…]

Feeling powerless

Feeling PowerlessI know two Susan’s.  They both inspire me.  Today I’m going to talk about Turbo Susan.

One of my tasks this past summer in Kenya was to help administer a public health survey in the slums of Turbo.  On our second day in the slum, the pastor and village elders brought us to Susan’s “home” (I use this term loosely) because she was having health problems. [Read More…]