Uncovering Problems without Solutions

The last week has been really good.  And by really good I mean I have uncovered many problems in Turbo and have zero solutions.  Some might argue this is a really bad place to be.   I am choosing to trust this is exactly where I am supposed to be.

I spent three days last week walking through the slums in Turbo (specifically Kampi Mawe) listening to the challenges of the community and making some new friends.  Let me [Read More…]

Kenya Flashback Series 4 of 6

More insight into my journey from last summer . . .

August 3rd, 2012


What do all of these things have in common?

I don’t have any of them in Kenya.  OK.  Slight exaggeration.  There is a tiny mirror in our bathroom.  I don’t think it counts though as the lighting is poor and the mirror is often foggy.  My clothing options are limited to a suitcase.  My outfits are pathetic compared to my American standards. [Read More…]



It’s been a few weeks. I’m hoping you have missed me. Lack of material is not the hindrance, as the words still seem to be pouring out of me. I’ve halted the posts because someone is developing my website and she recommended I wait until it is finished. I can’t wait though. I’m itching to write.

Today I’m wrestling with some really tough questions.

I have had a company car for the past four and a half years. It [Read More…]