Even Steven

Last June, I sent an email to a few people before leaving for Kenya to ask for donations for Empowering Lives International and various programs they were involved with.  This made me anxious.  What will people think???  Asking for money seems pushy, selfish, uncomfortable.

As usual, in times of fear and doubt, I called my mom.  I asked her about who I should send the email out to and expressed my concern that certain people might be annoyed, [Read More…]

S & K

Today I got a letter that made me cry.  Don’t worry.  In a good way.  Tears are a frequent way I express my emotion.  Sometimes sorrow.  Sometimes joy.  Today’s tears?  Overwhelming awe.  I have people in my life who believe in me.  This blog follows the mention of an unsupportive VIP.  The majority of people in my life believe in me which is impactful enough to overshadow the ones who don’t.

This letter?  A thank [Read More…]


I recently got unsolicited advice from a VIP in my life (Very Influential Person).  Sometimes VIP’s influence can be positive, sometimes negative, regardless influential.  My main problem with this advice was that it was unprompted.  I did not ask, “What do you think about writing as a career?”  In fact, I didn’t even mention the fact that I was hopeful I could do something with my writing.  It was just a quick bomb dropped on my insecure [Read More…]