Taking My Own Advice

I have so many blogs ready to post about my experiences in Kenya and my hopes to go back.  That being said, it is hard not to just be honest about where I am today.  It has been a challenging week physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I don’t have the courage or the words to articulate the details at this point.  But one day I Hope to because I think being honest about our emotions, especially the ugly, painful and uncomfortable ones, is our best chance for healing.

I have been reflecting upon the last few days and all the people who have loved, supported, and strengthened my spirit with awe and gratitude.  But shame reared its ugly head for a brief moment today by planting a few seeds of doubt . . .maybe you shouldn’t have been so open with people?  Maybe you need to be more grateful for what you do have?  Maybe you shouldn’t have shed so many tears?

Then a video I have from my “bye-bye” service at the orphanage in Kenya flashed into my memory.  A few of the children were crying as they got up to thank me and say goodbye.  Viola, especially, took my departure hard.  I didn’t want her to feel ashamed of her tears so this is what I said to Viola and the group: “I also cry when I feel joyful, when I feel sad, when I feel discouraged; whatever I feel, I often cry.  I think cries are human and I think God likes to see our tears, as it is a way of showing our true emotions.  So I think it is very brave to share our tears and it means a lot to me”.

I think it’s time I start taking my own advice.


Hope Kamili


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  1. Kaitlin Murphy says

    Love you friend 🙂

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  2. I remember those tears….and the honor you gave them with your comment to Viola.

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