Thank you. Period.

A few months ago, I began taking on a new role in life.  Receiver.   Receiver of goods, services, support, etc. …for free.  Or if not for free, with a major “you are going to Africa to help others so I want to help you” discount.

Some examples . . . a car, a fundraising party, branding and website development, business cards, a hairdryer, a phone, Subway gift card, and on and on and on I could go.

And to be honest, receiving is difficult.  I prefer to give.  It feels more comfortable.  And when I give, I don’t expect anything in return but when you give to me, Even Steven goes into full effect.

I try to figure out ways to repay you without finances (especially since I have only one week left of getting a pay check).  Sometimes I overcompensate by showering you with thank you’s and adding 20 exclamation points.  As if exclamation points somehow equate to dollars.

!!!!!!! = $$$$$$$

I don’t want to be the overpunctuator.

Yet I feel helpless as I want to pay people back for what they are doing for me.

Sitting here, in receiving mode, without being able to pay people back . . .

is really uncomfortable.

Being uncomfortable is usually my greatest opportunity for growth.

Have you ever heard of the site Tis Best?   The TisBest Charity Gift Card is a donation gift where the recipient “spends” the TisBest card on the charity of their choice.  I have utilized this for birthday gifts, thank you presents, and other things in lieu of another a random, meaningless gift.  It is based on the philosophy “Tis better to give than to receive”.

And to a certain extent I agree.  It is better to give.  It feels so good.  I loved giving my time last summer to Empowering Lives.  I love giving to the Bridge of Hope community.  I love giving to friends and family.

If I can admit giving feels good, then I would be selfish not to let others give back to me.  To not let them experience how good it feels to give.

Receiving mode = letting other people give and just saying thank you.


To all of you who have supported me, especially this past weekend, thank you.

I want to add 20 exclamation points, but I’m forcing myself not to.

I’m going to trust

thank you,




Always Hopeful,



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  1. shannon says:

    Giggling because you are on a slippery slope with all that over-puctuating. I seem to recall you ended a dating relationship due to a male’s excessive use of the emoticon. :-).

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