The In-Style Shift

I realized something yesterday.  I traveled with In-Style magazine to Hawaii.  I brought it on my five hour flight.  I brought it out to the beach every day for five days.  And then I brought it on my five hour flight back to San Diego.  I didn’t read it.  I simply carried it with me.  I opened it a few times but lost interest within minutes.

A lot of people have asked if Kenya was a “life-changing” experience.  The short answer is yes.  But the long answer has more to do with shifts.  I didn’t come home and radically change my spending habits.  I didn’t come home and stop reading gossip magazines.  I didn’t come home and stop wasting food.  I didn’t come home and stop going to Starbucks.  I didn’t come home and become perfect.

BUT I have noticed a shift.  A shift in my interests.  I would rather read Kisses from Katie than In-style magazine.  I would rather spend time reading about Kenya than going on Facebook.  I would rather watch the Half the Sky documentary than catch up on Grey’s Anatomy.  I would rather talk to you about your dreams than the latest fashion trends.  I would rather have you over to view videos of the children in Kenya singing and dancing than meet you out at a bar.


I am NOT saying I am judgmental of these things.  I am NOT saying I have made radical changes in my life.  I am NOT saying I am perfect.  What I AM saying is I have noticed a shift.  Just a shift.  A shift towards finding things which give me a deeper sense of purpose, wholeness, and joy.

Do you need a SHIFT?


Hope Kamili


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  1. Loved this!

  2. Elizabeth Coleman says

    Neat post! I am enjoying them

  3. Ms Kamili,
    I was reading your blog about being present…I am reading an interesting book called Wisdom Sits In Places. It is a book about the White Mountain Apaches of Arizona, your comments about being present and their outlook on being present in these “places” parrallels each other in many ways…interesting blog about being present, keep up the insightful work….

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