Time to ask for Help. . .Ugh

Remember that to-do list?

Did you notice fundraising was on it?

Fundraising is as appealing to me as Jiggers.  And if you notice my face in this picture, you can probably guess my level of excitement.


Not sure which is less appealing to me. . .jiggers or fundraising.

I keep thinking of the game “Would you rather?”   You know, where you give ridiculous scenarios neither of which seem appealing?  Like would you rather be 3 feet taller or 3 feet shorter?

Would you rather pick jiggers out of people’s feet or fundraise?

Tough call.

And the ironic twist of all of this, part of my fundraising is to be able to pick more jiggers out of more people’s feet.

What have I gotten myself into???

I’m afraid to ask for money so I’ve been avoiding it.  Afraid people don’t believe in what I’m doing.  Afraid people will think I’m annoying.  Afraid people don’t understand.  Afraid people think it was stupid I quit my job.

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

What does it take to fight fears?


I need to get brave and ask you a question… because I need your help to go back to Kenya.  And if I don’t ask, you don’t know you can help.  And if you don’t help, I don’t go and can’t help.  And I really, really want to help.

Will you help me help those in need in Kenya?  CLICK HERE

I can not promise I’ll pay you back, but I can promise this . . .

At the Children’s Home in Kipkaren . . .

I will dedicate time and energy to caring for orphans.  I will help them with their homework.  I will eat meals with them.  I will spend time with these kids getting to know their hopes and dreams.  I will do everything I can to encourage, inspire, and love them with all my heart.

In the slums of Turbo . . .

I will work with Empowering Lives to “Foster Hope and a Sustainable Future to those in Need”.  I will build relationships.  I will listen to the needs of the community.  I will share their stories.  I will show pictures. I will get to know the hopes and dreams of this slum community.  I will do everything I can to encourage, inspire, and love them will all my heart.

Will you help me help those in need in Kenya?  CLICK HERE

$5 will get me a piki-piki (motor bike) ride from Kipkaren to the Turbo slums.  $20 will go towards room and board for one DAY.  $140 will go towards room and board for one WEEK.  I need about $12k to live in Kenya for a year and anything above that will go towards outreaches in the Turbo slums (i.e. Jigger outreach clinics).  The more you help me, the more I can help others.  $20,000 is my minimum goal.

Together, we can do this.  I know it.

Always Hopeful (and a little scared),


P.S. Please share this link on facebook, twitter, pinterest, or email with friends and family.  And to those who have already donated, THANK YOU!!!


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  1. Amy Dalton says:

    What you are doing is absolutely amazing and I am happy to help you on your journey….this isn’t about you this about god working through you to help change the world. You are my hero!!


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