To blog or not to blog?

Here are the questions that prevented this blog from being debuted earlier:

  1. How do I even start a blog?
  2. What is my purpose for blogging?
  3. I relate to people who don’t believe in God as much as people who do, so how often can I mention my faith without scaring people away?
  4. Will I offend you? (This question leads to points a, b, and c)
  • Who are “You” anyway?
  • Is anyone really going to want to read this?
  • Should I be anonymous?

Here are the possible benefits to blogging:

  1. I go to a weekly potluck where we go around and share a five-minute update on our lives.  Lately, I have been violating the five- minute rule and am on the brink of getting kicked out.  I need a forum to share the never-ending thoughts that fill my mind.
  2. I love writing and people have told me lately they enjoy reading what I write.
  3. I would love to build an orphanage in Africa.  If I can find some way to have my writing noticed or, even better, get paid to write, so many BIG dreams of mine could come true.

A few of these questions have answers and a few will be answered along the way.  Instead of waiting for the all of the questions to be answered, I’m going to fight my fears and go for it.  If I waited to do something until all the questions in my life were answered, I’d never move forward.

What unanswered questions are you letting get in the way of your dreams?


Hope Kamili


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